Music Monday | Birdy (ft… well… you guess)


Birdy + Mumford & Sons | Brave | Learn Me Right

Learn Me Right


I’m just accepting that this is a Mumford Month.:)I fell in love with this song by Birdy recently, and when I saw who was playing with her, I simply had to laugh.  I have yet to see this film,  but the soundtrack makes me question yet again if I don’t have some Scotch-Irish running through my veins… I definitely married into it! Something about this song makes me feel young and mature all at once. The music & lyrics inspire me to sing on the top of my lungs, then charge into the streets and do something**!  Who’s with me!?




**In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m wearing PJ pants as I type this. So for this current listen, it’s more accurate to say it inspires me to plan something big to do, once I look presentable. However, I’m planning some epic stuff. That counts right?:)

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