Travels with Quigley – A Great American Roadtrip



For those few who are still not aware, I am hitting the road this October for my upcoming passion project, Travels with Quigley. Traveling around the country for three months by campervan, this passion project will revisit the route and spirit of Steinbeck’s original journey in his beloved travelogue, Travels wit Charley. Through imagery and essays, I will be comparing and contrasting his experience and observations with our contemporary America. The final product will include a print shop, a book, and (hopefully!!) an exhibit.

If you would like to follow along, there are many options! I will be posting behind the scenes images, video stories and musings from the road. These posts will be made to my personal Instagram, Quigley’s fluff-heavy instagram, facebook, and more extensive details will be featured on our travel blog.

If you would like to send support on a deeper level, please consider donating to our kickstarter!



I can’t wait to share this adventure with you!




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